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A systemic, psychoanalytic, behavioral and spiritual approach to individuals, communities and  organisations.

In Organisational  Role Analysis (ORA) 

I will provide a space to explore your roles within its organisational and social context at conscious and unconscious levels.  Toguether, we will work with your mental representations inviting you to confront basic assumptions by identifying, revealing and confronting patterns that can limit your potential. 

In my practice, I integrate a multidisciplinary frameworks to understand reality as it is experienced.

Together we will explore how your organisation, community and its larger system is perceived "in your mind" and how these perceptions are defyning your "professional stories." 

My Coaching practice integrates systemic and psychoanalytic theory. I apply a range of methods including the Leadership Circle Profile and Role Biography. I offer coaching solutions at One2One and/or Group session and Coaching Supervision and I train internal coaches tailoring our training for our clients organisations.  

Among my coaching services I have a special service of Coaching for Expats .

I am a Certified Coach of the Leadership Circle Profile a Professional Partner of Centro Coaching and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in the UK. My network of Organisational Partners offer me a large international network of top practitioners in the field to provide our clients with choices for their best match.    

Feel free to contact me if you want to explore deep. 

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