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An organisational laboratory in real time.

An acellerated learning experience that offers a mirror of organisational life.

Group Relations conferences take the shape of a temporary learning organisations that builds an experiential learning community. They are composed by a range of events that mirror typical organisational situations creating a micro-cosmos of organisational life. The different backgrounds, nationalities, beliefs, cultures, genders, generations, races, faiths and spiritualities represented within the conference will all play a part in what their participants achieve together in this living system.

Participants experience role making and role taking in different group configurations that allow learning about group, community, organisational and social dynamics; the exercise of leadership, authority and power; the interplay between tradition, innovation and change; and the relationship and relatedness that organisations have to their social, political, economic and ecological environments.

Group Relations events offer the opportunity to explore all aspects of our human connectedness, choosing to mobilise our full human capacity - physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual - as a resource for transformation.

Group Relations Conferences has two type of participants: a team of international sponsors and staff members who have invested in the conference programme and participants who have applied to it .

Within the Conferences each participant will take up different roles and responsibilities by participating in the co-design of various social and organizational roles and structures.

Together all participants will enquire into their development as a learning community. They will learning from what they create and why they do it. They will have opportunities to reflect on the reality as they experience it. They will try to understand they dynamics below the surface of the different roles they take and of the social and organizational structures they co-design.

Group Relations conferences work with non-conventional ways of learning requiring no specific type of education. They integrate a wide range of methodologies of the social sciences, including action research, observation, socioanalysis (systems thinking and psychoanalysis). 

In these learning process, feelings, dreams, reveries, free associations, physical sensations, fantasies, wishes, fears and desires will be resources offering each participant valuable sources of information about themselves and about the temporary learning organisation understood as a system within a system.

Group Relations Conferences are held annually across the globe.  Through Socioanalytic Practice, previously TConsult, Socioanalytic Practice I have the experience of introducing and successfully applying Group Relations within larger Organisational Development interventions. This in-house adaptations have been applied into the Peruvian Banking, Government Energy, Health, Education and Native Communities Sector.

My pioneer conference series in the Peruvian Amazon offered new insights about methodological developments for the field of Corporate Social Responsibiilty, Social Incluision and Reflective Citizenship.

Since 2020, I have been working on a new development called "The Territory", exploring the adaptation of the methodology to virtual environments.

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