Role Analysis (ORA)


We work on the Tavistock Tradition of Applied Psychoanalysis into Organisational Systems with the methodology of Role Analysis (ORA). We offer individual and/or group sessions.  


We train Role Analysts accredited by  the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, UK (Psicoanalytic Coaching).


We offer Socioanalytic Supervision for professionals trainning in the Tavistock Tradition of Organisational Development, Consultancy and Coaching.


Our organisational associates offer us and international network of top level professionals.


Feel free to contact us for further information.  


We will offer a first session free of charge, in that space we will explore your request and identify a professional to take your case. 


Do you struggle to find meaning and value in your organisational role?
Do you understand the impact of your social and organisational role in the way in which you take up your professional roles? 


We provide a space to explore role within its organisational and social context at conscious and unconscious levels. We help professional to explore and study their behaviour in role finding new ways to tell their story. We explore how the organisation and its system is perceived "in the mind" of the practitioner and how this perceptions are defyning the "professional stories" of our clients.


We work with mental representations of the organisation. This representations are located in their context and worked through at individual and collective levels. Then we confront basic assumptions by identifying, revealing and confronting patterns the withold potential. This process facilitates the organisation capacity to achieve its primary task.  


We analyse unconscious process of the organisation. Prioritaze the way in which the personal history impacts the way in which roles are taken in the Organisation. The organisational analysis pays special attention between the role of the individual in the organisational system and its context.


We integrate multidisciplinary frameworks to understand reality as it is experienced. We study different forces internal and external that interfere in the process of role taking within an organisation or social system. We integrate different frameworks of knowledge for the study of organisations and societies. We offer a systemic, psychoanalytic, behavioral and spiritual approach to organisations.  

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Carouge, Geneva


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