Our research based consultancy aims an understanding of the process in which meaning is created out of experience within groups, organisations and societies.

It explores the way that arguments are built and are intentions attributed in organisational life. We analyse actions as they are embodied and mobilized in the encounter of the individual and the collective. We address the social, political, ecological, spiritual and administrative processes of groups, organisations and societies.

Our work starts from a position of wonder and a phenomenological account of actions, events and circumstances within their context.


Find below two of our Research Methods and an Application case:

Psychodynamics of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Inclusion


Find more about our Research in CSR and Social Inclusion in the month of June 

Social Dreaming Matrix


Social Dreaming is a methodology that builds a matrix with the task 'to associate to the dreams made available to the matrix in order to make links and find connections between individual thought and social meaning’. Social dreaming is a democratic method for identifying the cultural knowledge and scientific method deployed in the dream. The purpose of the SDM is to explore knowledge by transforming the thinking of the dreams. This transformation takes place through free association and by making links among the dreams allowing the emergence of new thinking and thought. The dreams once voiced in the Matrix, they belong to the collective unconcious of the group and its environment and not to the individual. Therefore the SDM is consider a container for meaning were the attention is in the dream-s and not the dreamer-s, paying specific attention on the knowledge that is held within and between the dreams within the groups unconcious. For more information visit



Listening Posts


T-Consult represents in Peru the Organisations for promoting understanding of Society (OPUS).  We ran Listening posts in Peru since 2007.


The Listening Posts are based on the notion that a group of people gathered to study the behaviour of society, can allow the expression of the unconscious characteristics of a largers social system.


The Listening Posts are relevants for the understanding of the society beyond individual and personal preocupations.The goal of a Listening Post is to enable participants as individual citizenships to reflect in their own relation with society trying to develop an understanding of what is going on in society at a given point in time.


The Listening post offer an opportunity to particpants to share their preocupations in relation to the different social roles they undertake. Collectively they invite to try to identify the underlying conscious and unconscious dynamics that seem predominant at a given point in time.  For more information visit

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