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We co-design learning systems for your organization. Each of our designs is co-designed with our clients serving their specific needs and contexts.


Our products and services are orientated on four axes:

Business sector:

Services orientated to the optimization of your organization. Examples are organizational development, organizational design, organizational transformation, leadership development, leadership culture diagnosis with qualitative methodologies inter-related with your organizations tools. Some of our tools are “The Leadership Circle Survey”, Executive coaching with role analysis methodology, organizational culture diagnosis, selection and training of internal consultants, organizational change, boards consultation, Leadership profile 360 “The Leadership Circle” for top executives, recruitment and job assessment, assessment and consultancy for small medium enterprises, leadership programs for SMEs.


Educational sector:

We offer educational consultation by integrating action research and action learning principles to the management of educational systems in schools (Peru and Colombia) and in universities, and beneficiaries of the program beca 18 in Peru.


Health sector:

Our services have specific adaptations for health sector as a result of seven years of designing and leading learning organisational laboratories of the Master of Health Sector Public Administration at Esan Business School in Peru. Our interventions offer a systemic vision to the user system relationship, clients and their social environment. 

Our interventions offer a systemic view that intervenes in the interface between the client system, its clients and social environment. We ran socioanalytic groups dedicated to elaborate the emotional impact of professional life in health sector practitioners. We are specialists accompanying the communications of complex medical diagnosis. We facilitate the internalisation of medical diagnosis by patients and their family and organisational systems. We accompany families in the complex process of decision making on life/death situations. We help to establish adequate boundaries between medical team and families on complex cases. 

Social sector:

We specialised on the development of Corporative Social Responsibility, Social inclusion, Reflective Citizenship and Entrepreneurship. Our main project is ran by the Hope of the Amazons Civil Association.   This program has 8 years of experience working alongside native communities through applied system psychodynamics and group relations methodology in the city of Iquitos, Peru.

Additionally, we train community relations managers; we consult to managers dealing with sustainability issues, social behavior analysis, additionally we ran social experiments.


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