Authority:  How one understands, exercises and relates to authority in oneself and others; the right to take action and make decisions on behalf of a group. A right that can come from various sources, such as from above, below, formally or informally.


Application: How conference learning can powerfully inform work life in one’s back-home organizations;


Boundaries:  separate and connect what is inside and outside. This includes boundaries between organizations and their environments, between sub-groups, between the individual and the group, and between the person and role.


Dialogue:  Active, verbal and non-verbal. It can take the shape of artistic expressions as dancing, song, words, audiovisual creations, paintings, sculptures, drama, or any modality that expresses and moves interaction between the consultant and the client.


Groups:  How they form, react, interact with other groups, and vary depending on size, structure, goals and dynamics;


Here and Now:  What is being experienced (done, thought, and felt) at the moment. The space for learning and transformation.


Holism:  We pay attention to the whole person/group including thoughts, feelings, behavior, body sensations, and dreams. The focus is on integration, that is, how the many parts of the person/group fit together, and how the client/s makes contact (interacts) with his/her/their environment.


Hope:  “A leap on expectation.” Serves as a drive for emotions and human wellbeing. Concept with solid roots in systemic thinking through self-organisation and complex adaptation. The capacity for hope is develop within the first 18 months of life when there is an effective development process of the tension between trust and mistrust. (Erikson,E. 1968)


Inclusion:  The consultant puts him or herself, as much as is possible, into the experience of the client. The consultants makes him or herself available without judgment while her or she, analyze, or interpret what he or she observes within the client and its system.


Leadership:  Exercised by offering meaningful direction that recognizes the needs of an organization or group.In a group can be thought of as representing or embodying the function of the group, especially its major function or primary task.


Learning from experience:  Learning through reflection on doing, with an emphasis on analysis, initiative and immersion;


Love:  As a resource to take care of oneself, the Other and the environment instead of as an idealistic and romantic feeling.


Matrix Organisation: turbulent environments require some relationship between dissimilar organizations whose fates are, basically, positively correlated. This means relationships that will maximize cooperation and which recognize that no one organization can take over the role of "the other" and become paramount. We are inclined to speak of this type of relationship as an organizational matrix. (Emery & Trist, 1965)


Power:  How, why and when influence over others is exercised;


Primary Task:  The task the organisation needs to perform in order to survive


Presence:  The consultant expresses his or her observations, preferences, feelings, personal experience, and thoughts to the client.


Purpose:  Emerging construct that requires constant personal and collective discernment during the processes of role taking. Its exploration increases human potential and explores questions such as why do I take a role in a system at a given point in time? Why a given organisational system exists? How does it contributes to the larger ecological system to which it belongs?


Radical Hope:  Anticipated a good for which those who have the hope and yet lack the appropriate concepts to understand it. This hope is directed toward a future goodness that transcends the current ability to understand what it is…”Lear, J (2006)


Role:  A particular part of the overall task that is assigned to, or taken up by an individual, a group or an organization.


Succession:  How personal and systemic dynamics are mobilized in a context of change, especially leadership change;



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