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My work is based on the Tavistock Tradition, grounded in systemic thinking with a holistic understanding of organizations as living systems and communities. I have 13 years of experience in understanding and undertaking consultancy in international private and public sectors. I am specialized in organizational and social development with an emphasis on leadership and cultural change. I have trained around 15,000 managers and/or consultants from an average of 30 different nationalities accumulating more than 7500 training hours in themes of leadership, authority, management, organizational development and organizational design across 16 different countries.


Among my professional achievements, is leading the introduction of systems psychodynamics consultancy in the Energy, Banking, Manufacturing, Government and Education sectors in Latin America and Telecommunications in Australia. Over the past seven years I directed the Group Relations programme of Esan Business School where I hold a Faculty Position at the MA of Human Resources and Health Service Administration. Within this context I have accumulated seven years of experience working with Health Sector Administration in Peru.  I offer to my clients a rigorous spirit of inquiry in the field of organizational consulting and development with an entrepreneurial and creative approach to consulting in organizations.


I have international experience across different roles in conferences working with socioanalytic methods including group relations. I participated as a staff member of Group Relations and Group Dynamics Conferences in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Cuba, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Panama, Peru, United Kingdom and the United States of America. I am a research associate in the London Multimedia Lab at LSE. I am a certified coach for the Leadership Circle.


I work in Spanish, French and English; I am able to understand Italian and Portuguese. I am educated internationally, I am Candidate Doctorate at the Tavistock and Portman NHS and University of East London holding a Postgraduate diploma in Leading Consultation, Psychoanalysis and Management from the International Forum for Social Innovation in Paris and Hull University Business School, a Licensentiate Degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from the University of Lima, Peru, where I previously earned a Bachelor in Psychology degree.







Candidate Doctorate at Tavistock and Portman NHS and University of East London (UEL)

Consultation and The Organisation:

​2010 - 2018


Postgraduate Diploma Leading Consultation: Psychoanalysis and Management of the International Forum for Social Innovation of Paris, France and Hull University Business School, UK
2005 - 2007


Licence Degree in Social and Organisational Psychology
Universidad de Lima, Peru



BA en Psicología
Universidad de Lima, Peru
1997- 2001




Liderando con propósito: desarrollando el Perú- Programa transformación en el Sector de Energía y Minas publicado en "Métodos Socioanalíticos para la Gestión y el Cambio en Organizaciones"(Link)Editorial Universitaria


Leadership and Innovation in Management and Consultancy published in Group Relations Conferences: Tradition, Creativity and Succession, Volumen 3 Edited By Aram, Baxter and Nutkevitch Karnac Books November 2012


Programa de metacognición para facilitar los procesos de creación literaria en niños de 3er y 4to grado de primaria. Publicado en Estrategias para enseñar a pensar por Juana Pinzas-Universidad de Lima 2002

Mónica Velarde Lazarte


Director T-Consult Socioanalytic Practice


Tel:  (44) 07482033338



Social Inclusion Award for the Hope of the Amazon Program. Elected among 12 National Programs of Social Inclusion by Diario El Comercio Bienal de Fotografía 2012


Beyond Duty- UPC- Laureate Universities  2007


Fondo de Alta Especialización Banco de Crédito BCP 2005


Reconocimiento Banco de Crédito BCP 2004


Licensentiate Cum Lauden- Universidad de Lima  2003










Organisational Development

Leadership Development

Corporate Social Responsability

Social Inclusion

Coaching with Rol Analysis methodology

Action Research

Group Dynamics

Tavistock Methods

Professional Affiliation

Research Associate of the London Multimedia Lab of the London School of Economics and Political Sciences - Institute of Social Psychology


Member of the International Society for Psychoanalytic Studies of Organisations (ISPSO)


President of the Hope of the Amazon Civil Association

2010 - present

2010 - present

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