We offer consultancy and supervision to organisations and professionals searching to improve their wellbeing and performance.


We apply a systemic approach to organisational development and change taking into account the resulting organisational structures, roles and dynamics.


We accompany organisations to understand the way in which structures and procedures impact or condition organisational behaviour and performance. 


Our services include consultancy in: Strategic Planning, Organizational Planning, Evaluation, Organisational Design and Redesign, Organisational Change, Leadership Development, Cultural Transformation, Team Building ,employee engagement, Socio-tecnical Systems Interventions,  Whole Systems Interventions and Professional Development, Unconscious Bias training among others. 

Role Consultation and Analysis (ORA)


We provide a space to explore role within its organisational and social context at conscious and unconscious levels. We help professional to explore and study their behaviour in role finding new ways to tell their story. We explore how the organisation and its system is perceived "in the mind" of the practitioner and how this perceptions are defyning the "professional stories" of our clients.


We work with mental representations of the organisation. This representations are located in their context and worked through at individual and collective levels. Then we confront basic assumptions by identifying, revealing and confronting patterns the withold potential. This process facilitates the organisation capacity to achieve its primary task.  


We analyse unconscious process of the organisation. Prioritaze the way in which the personal history impacts the way in which roles are taken in the Organisation. The organisational analysis pays special attention between the role of the individual in the organisational system and its context.


We integrate multidisciplinary frameworks to understand reality as it is experienced. We study different forces internal and external that interfere in the process of role taking within an organisation or social system. We integrate different frameworks of knowledge for the study of organisations and societies. We offer a systemic, psychoanalytic, behavioral and spiritual approach to organisations.  


Leadership Circle Culture Survey

The Leadership Culture Survey answers questions like:

What is the leadership culture in our organisation?*

How is this affecting people’s engagement and organisational performance?

What is the gap between the leadership culture we have and the one we want?

How can we shift ‘the way we do things around here’?

These tools have a strong research base, integrating frameworks from psychology, leadership theory and spirituality, and their focus is developmental.

As such we feel they complement our current offers in Organisational Role Analysis, consultancy, group relations and leadership development.


Our experience so far shows they help get to ‘the heart of the matter’ very quickly, and can help generate important new conversations within your organisation

Art and Socioanalysis

Since 2008  T-Consult is exploring the role of art in Group Relations Conferences and Socionalytic applications to Organisational development consultancy.


We have experience inspiring change in organisations while working alongside artists, dancers, musicians, painter, playback theater, impro, psychodrama, and sculpture in our interventions.

Conferencias Future Search 

Our method is useful to create a shared vision and practical action plans among diverse parties; devise a plan and gain commitment to implement a vision or strategy exists but it is not being implemented; It initiates effective interventions on complex issues where no coordinating structure or shared vision exists.  During Future Search Conferences we pay attention to  the "whole system" as it is reflected in the conference.  Exploring the same global context we generate an adequate environment for local action.  



We search the future and look for a shared ground rather than exploring current conflicts and problems.  We invite self-management and personal and collective accountability for action during and after the "Whole Systems Intervention". 


This method has been implemented successfully at international settings helping people to make better communities and organizations.  Its theoretical bacground is commited to democratic ideas embodied in Action Research tradition of Kurt Lewin.  This tradition is enriched by Emery and Triest, Lippitt and Schindler - Rainman.

Cross - Organizational Consultancy PYMES

Consultancy to providing an organisational architecture for growing SMEs in collaborative environment, where Intellectual Capital (IC) can flow to the mutual benefit of all concerned.


We offer a range of services focused on the development of Small Medium Enterprises in Peru.



Proveemos Supervisión Socioanalítica para Consultores, Gerentes y líderes de Programas de Desarrollo Organizacional.


Te ofrecemos un espacio seguro de contención emocional que permite la exploración libre de las dinámicas más complejas de tu vida profesional.


Te acompañamos a pensar libremente, sin prejuicios sobre tu trabajo para que puedas revisar y reflexionar sobre tu trabajo, a través de la aplicación de nuevos modelos, técnicas y teorías.


Ofrecemos insight hacia la psicodinámica de las relaciones entre el coach/ consultor, cliente, organización, sector.

Organisational Design


We help organisations to clarify their mission and align their structures so that they serve as vehicles to implement their strategy.The structure of an organisation impacts their performance and triggers the dynamics that evolve into its culture.   We study the organisations culture and environment taking on account those aspects that impact performance. 

Leadership Development


We offer a wide range of individual and group interventions to accompany the develop leadership capacities. We accompany professionals to understand the explicit and rational as well as the implicit, irrational, forces affecting their roles.  


We offer a variety of services to both individuals and groups, including: Role consultation and analysis and training workshops including day - aways, workshops, retreats and conferences.  


Our offer includes a diverse set of learning modalities including on-the-job assignments, outdoors workshops, organisational laboratories, experiential workshops and e-learning settings


Some of our methods:
Organizational Development


We offer consultation to organisations looking to

improve organisational perfomance and wellbeing. 


We apply a systemyc approach to organizational development and change paying attention to organisational structures, roles and the result dynamics.


We offer organisational design, change management, leadership development, culture transformation, team building, employee engagement.


We accompany organizations to understand the way in which their structures and procedures impact the Organisations behaviour and perfomance. 


Our methods includes: Strategic Planning and Implementation, Organizational Assessment· Organizational Redesign· Sociotechnical Systems, Whole Systems Interventions, · Work Redesign· Senior Team Professional Development

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